Meeting & Event

The flexible, casual spaces support innovativeness and creativity which can be utilized for personal presentations and workshops and also expansive scale public interviews and press conferences. The Meeting & Event hall provided at the Noorjehan’s Grand Noor has been now opened for you to experience the best ever event experience. Is it true that you are arranging an exceptional occasion, for example, a business meeting, charity fundraiser, shower lunch get-together, form appear, trade show, profession reasonable, occasion party, or other functions including meeting or special occasion? Noorjehan’s Grand Noor are with you for the same.

The most notable factor speciality in our Meeting & Event hall is that due to its luxuriant space and minimalistic design, you will feel relaxed Meetings and Events for the longest time. Even though, The Meeting & Event has a separate breakout area for units or catering services and can be configured affording the needs of the event. For more, you can make use of our contact button given below for the queries.