Incredible Places to Visit In Palakkad

Posted on 10th, Oct 19

Palakkad is one of the most beautiful and largest districts of India’s states Kerala. It is well-known as “Rice bowl of Kerala” and “the granary of Kerala”. The place has a real charm that attracts thousands of tourists every month. If you are planning to visit Palakkad in the coming days then we have prepared a list of places where you must visit in Palakkad. This list will help you to add more places to your bucket list of the Kerala holiday trip.
Let’s get started with the destinations of Palakkad in Kerala where you must visit:

1 Mangalam Dam, Palakkad

Mangalam Dam is erected on the river Cher kunnapuzha which is a stream of the Mangalam River. The Dam is a popular site of picnic where tourists and locals came and enjoy some quality time with their family. The entire construction of the dam is completed in 1956. The area around the dam is beautiful and fascinating because of the parks and lawns. Located on the highway of Alathur-Vadakkanchery, the basin is delimited with the woodland area which is the abode of flora and fauna.

2. Malampuzha Dam & Gardens

This place is located at a distance of about 9kms from the railway station of Palakkad, it is the major irrigation dam which is built over a river named as Malamphuza, a stream of Bharathapuzha river at the pedestal of the mount of the Western Ghats. The basin offers drinkable water to the town of Palakkad. There is a charming able-bodied laid patch by the Dam which is a famous spot for the tourists who visit Palakkad also they can find and stay budget hotels in Palakkad near the railway station to make their journey easy and hassle-free. The timing of visiting this destination is 9 am to 8 pm.

3. Silent Valley National Park

Silent valley is situated at a space of 102km from Coimbatore, 53km from Palakkad and 40km from mannarkad, this place is a perfect destination for the holiday as it is evergreen rain forest which is situated in the Western Ghat’s kundali hill. The place provides shelter to many flora and fauna which tourists came to explore. You can book your trip to Kerala and include this place on your bucket list. Tourists can book their rooms in Hotels in Palakkad for one or two nights staying as it is recommended that if you are visiting Palakkad then stay there for at least one week to explore it.

4. Siruvani Dam

This place is located at a space of about 51km from Palakkad and 47km from Coimbatore; this place is indeed a must visit place situated in thick deep and dense forests in Kerala’s Palakkad district. The place is erected in 1952 athwart Siruvani River, the water of Siruvani River is drinkable and this river is a resource of water for the people of Coimbatore and very well-renowned for its natural sweetness in the water. Tourists came here to experience the amazing vibes that this place is served with also locals of this place are fond of the sweetwater.