Noorjehan's Grand Noor

Noorjehan’s Grand Noor Palakkad is a true landmark in luxury. Set at the heart of one of the lenient cities of India, it renders a truly ravishing experience. We are steeped in the history and culture of Palakkad, since its outset in 1950. Noorjehan has carved in the culinary with 3 top-notch restaurants and a scrumptious cafe in the Cochin International Airport. We are located just 52 km away from Coimbatore town and 70 km away from the Coimbatore International Airport. Noorjehan Hotel, one of the top budget hotels in Palakkad, as the name denotes, has been a symbol of love and delicacy for decades.

Rooms & Suites

Noorjehan's Grand Noor provides you the best and secured, well furnished and luxury Suites. Well, We offer dedicated services, by calling our reception through the service phone provided, and the price of Rooms and Suites reflects on the basis of bookings.

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